Bold, big and beautiful

The series of necklaces in the collection below shows the breadth of pieces that Dorrie designed and show the bigger examples of her work and the more flambouyant side rather than the smaller brooches and pins.

Dorrie was always keen to create pieces that suited everybody's pockets from the large to the small but each piece unique with variations in colour and form rather than mass produced identical pieces. Again this is a signature of the Art & Crafts tradition that Dorrie stayed with even when asked to produce designs for Asprey's who wanted to produce multiple pieces.

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From Left to Right, Top to Bottom. Bridgeman Images: Large necklace with brooch. Ralph Lauren Vault: Fabulous and rare gem-set necklace with amethysts, citrines and other semi-precious stones set in gold and sliver. From the Hollywood Glamour Collection. Necklace of Pperidot, topaz, garnet, citrine, sapphire, silver and gold necklace.