Benjamin J (2003)

Benjamin J (2003) Starting to collect antique jewellery. Woodbridge: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd. ISBN 1851494073.

Finally, Sybil Dunlop (1889 - 1968), while not strictly speaking a competitor of Liberty, established a retail shop in Kensington High Street with a team of craftsmen specialising in bold silver jewels set with clusters of multi-colour gemstones and pearls which were further decorated with leaves and scrolls of gold.

Then the pages are illustrated with two pieces of Dorrie Nossiter's jewellery with one correctly attributed to Dorrie and the other incorrectly attributed to Sybil Dunlop. This is the same piece that was wrongly attributed to Sybil Dunlop by Karlin (2004). There is a tendency for authors to follow each others interpretation without researching the subject.