Census information

Census for 1871

91 Carpenter Road, Aston, Birmingham

Edward Middleton, Head, 43, Traveller, Born Alcester , Warwickshire

Ellen E Middleton, Wife, 42

Cha?, Son, 17, Die Printer

Charlotte M Middleton Daughter 7, Scholar

Census 1881

84 ??????, Solihull, Warwickshire

Edward Middleton, Head, 53, Commercial Traveller, Born Alcester , Warwickshire

Ellen E Middleton, Wife, 52

Charlotte M Middleton Daughter 18, Scholar

George J, Son 10, Scholar

Ark House School, Neithorp, Oxford

Philip Nossiter, 14, Scholar, Born Warwick, Small Heath, Birmingham

Census for 1891

Cateswell, St Oswalds Road, Aston, Birmingham

Philip Nossiter, Head, 24, Metal Merchant, Employer

Charlotte M Nossiter, Wife, 28,

Helen C Nossiter, Daughter 1

Kate Nossiter, Sister 17

Census for 1901

21 Church Road, Hall Green Village, Parish of Yardley, Worcestershire

Charlotte Nossiter Head Widow 32 Teacher School Working at home Born ??????, Birmingham.

Kate Nossiter, Sister Spinster 25

Helen Nossiter Daughter 11

Dorothy Nossiter Daughter 7

Note at this time many parts of Birmingham were in Worcester or Warwickshire until administrative boundaries were changed.