Other errors

Wrong dates

The commonest mistake before creating this website was giving the wrong dates for pieces designed by Dorrie for example the R.W.Wise website, see below.
Arts & Crafts Earrings w/Amethyst, Blue Zircon & Pearl: These striking earrings feature a cluster design of prong-set amethysts and blue zircons, each earring suspending five cultured pearl drops which flutter off the ear in a graceful arc. Each earring measures 3/4” in diameter. The stones are set in a gilt silver mount and are clip-backs. Designed by English Arts & Crafts artist Dorrie Nossiter. Circa 1890-1910.
The inference was wrongly made in the British context Arts and Crafts therefore early 1890’s to 1910’s when designers were using this style for a much longer period. The age Dorrie was over this period is from not being born to the age of 17 when she had only just completed her first year at the Central Art School. This is also true for pieces by Sybil Dunlop.
Given the wrong dates for creation 1890-1910.
Marriage of pendant with newer chain.

Altered pieces

Similar confusion can occur where a piece has been altered making it more difficult to attribute it to one designer or the other, for example the piece below has had a chain of amethysts and silver added to make a clip into a pendant. The image is poor however the piece is more likely by Dorrie than Sybil Dunlop as the leaves and tendrils look more like those designed by Dorrie.

An Arts and Crafts pendant necklace attributed to Sibyl Dunlop or Dorrie Nossiter, the central facetted amethyst stone surrounded by a network of vines and opal cabochons with further cut amethyst stone and cabochon opal pendant drop, the twisted link chain amethyst stone spacers Lyon & Turnbull, 5th November 2003 (Live Auctioneers 2005b).