Popularity drives up Art Deco Prices

Virginia Bohlin, Globe Correspondent reports

Another highlight of the auction is jewelry by Dorrie Nossiter, an English arts and crafts designer.

"It is rare to get one piece of Dorrie Nossiter jewelry, and here we have seven," said Lieberman.

The jewelry was consigned by a Boston woman who inherited it from her mother, a frequent traveler to England.

The seven pieces include three brooches, two rings, earrings, and a sautoir (long necklace).

"Dorrie Nossiter was a very flamboyant woman who loved champagne and working in her garden," said Lieberman.

"The result is her jewelry is about flowers and lots of color," said Lieberman.

Estimates for the Dorrie Nossiter jewelry to be auctioned are in the $1,000 to $5,000 range.

Skinners Auction, March 30th 1999.